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Plastirale Service, The Specialist In Binding For More Than 20 Years

At Plastirale Service, we specialize in different types of binders such as plastic spiral binding, double spiral wire-o, the thermal binding (perfect bind) and the cerlox. However, what is highly interesting for our customers is that they can bring us their incomplete project and we have the resources to continue and bring the finished product, according to the requirements requested.

Although several steps in the field of binding remain manual, Plastirale Service has established over the years, many machines greatly helping all stages of production.

And this is according to scales very high quality that we promise to deliver you a job completed on time set with you.

A new equipment at Plastirale Service

The company Plastirale Service has acquired a new Horizon BQ460 which allows the company already well equipped in the field of thermal binding (perfect bind), to offer this service for a small volume from to digital prints. Feel free to send us a quote request in the Online Quote tab.