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Logo (1)Marcel-Guy Ouimet founded in 1976 the company Reliure Laval. Quickly, the company took the expansion, so in 1985, to complement the needs of the company, he decided to open the Plastirale Laval division. The latter was responsible for the manufacture of plastic spirals in addition to the binding service. Seeing the many opportunities of this new division, Marcel-Guy Ouimet decided to sell Reliure Laval to concentrate on his new business.

The company continued once again to grow, so that the founding president decided to devote himself exclusively to the manufacture of spirals, distributed throughout the Canadian territory. His son Guy Ouimet acquired the binding service in 1998, under the name Plastirale Service.

Quickly, the company grows to become a leader in the field of printing finishing in Quebec. Moreover, in 2005, the company moved in a bulding about three times larger than the previous one, with a production area of ​​over 22,500 square feet.

With a small team initially Plastirale Service can count from 80 to 90 people at peak. In regular time, nearly 40 employees work in the company. Very flexible, this team has developed over the years, leading expertise.

Today, it is with the same determination that carries Plastirale Service over 15 years operates services to its customers by making a duty to provide a service of the highest quality within the agreed timeframe.